Compliance Policy

Acting in accordance with the current rules and laws is Accurate-Insight’s main pillar. Thus, we guarantee the protection of all our customers, experts and employees.
Our policies and procedures, have been improved over time, and are based not only  on professional experience, but also on external juridical counseling, and strong benchmarking processes,  based on the best business practices of this segment,  at national and international level.

We work with very strict standards and a meticulously created Compliance Policy, that guarantees that  the best market practices are followed propperly, in order to ensure that both ours and the Experts services, are provided in the most appropriated bona fide manner, without disrespecting any aspect of the country’s legislation

For more information, contact us via or if you prefer, click on the ” Contact” menu and fill out our contact form with your questions, or requesting our  Compliance. We will be honored to clarify any given doubt regarding how our services are conduced, and what are the duties and rights of the following involved parties: Accurate-Insight, its customers, and  the Experts (autonomous and independent knowledge suppliers).